Digital Assent Management

Digital Asset Management can be invaluable for finding images and documents easily and quickly.

Your business may have a large number of images or other electronic documents, used for marketing or other purposes. They may have been created by different people or kept in different locations. Digital Asset Mangament represents an opportunity to keyword, catalogue and collate all your resources in one place, which will ultimately make your lives easier.


  • Resources are found easily and quickly.
  • You can respond faster to external resource requests
  • It's much easier to send your resources to third parties who need them without using up your own bandwidth: suppliers receive links via e-mail so they can download the resources themselves directly from the system.
  • Higher quality resources are promoted so use of your best resources is encouraged.
  • A centralised and well organised repository encourages the re-use of purchased resources.
  • Only a web browser is needed - no cumbersome client software installations.
  • Collaboration is encouraged through the use of shared resource collections and searches.

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